Creating new value with client's, one step at a time

President and CEO Noriyasu Okitani

We utilize digital transformation in our efforts to create new financial value that contributes to the profitability of our clients.

In the rapidly digitalizing society, we aim to search for business fields together with our clients where we can make most contributions and grow together in the next generation. We also aim for improving work efficiency and creating new businesses by applying digital data. As a member of the Toshiba Group, we use our expertise and track record in a wide variety of business domains cultivated over the years, along with our strengths in digital technologies such as AI and IoT. It is our goal to bring a richer future to client's businesses with a focus in the domains of mobility, energy, industrial, and social infrastructure.

This year, digital transformation projects began in the UK railway industry and also at a Manufacturing plant in Europe to apply AI and IoT technology. We are also proceeding with new projects in the areas of power generation, logistics and distribution.

As a global business innovator of digital transformation in the area of cyber-physical systems (CPS), and as a company that accelerates Toshiba digital transformation initiatives, it is our mission to work closely with our clients to create new business value, and to establish "TDX" as a recognized brand for digital transformation.

October 2019

Toshiba Digital & Consulting Corporation
President and CEO Noriyasu Okitani

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