From the rich know-how, domain expertises and track records in managing its own manufacturing sites within the Group (especially in the area of quality management and manufactuing process improvements), and understanding the pain points, Toshiba is capable in bring value proposition to Industrial clients around the world.


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Toshiba can fully utilize its expertise especially for manufacturing companies, since Toshiba also has a long history as a manufacturer.

Applying Toshiba's expertise towards Mitsui Group manufacturing companies
Our collaboration with Mitsui & Co in the area of digital transformation began nearly two years ago. In February 2019, we received funding from Mitsui & Co to further accelerate this initiative.
Mitsui & Co being a Multinational Conglomerate, they have business ownerships in various business domains on a global scale and constantly creating new business by ways of capital investments. TDX is aiming to realize digital transformation and add value to Mitsui's portfolio companies by applying Toshiba's digital technologies, such as AI and IoT, along with domain expertise in manufacturing, energy and infrastructure business domains.
investment allocation of Toshiba digital & consulting corporation
Solving various problems in the manufacturing domain
Out of many Mitsui group companies in the manufacturing field, we are focusing on manufacturing companies overseas, where Toshiba's manufacturing expertise can be fully maximized.
The most imporant factors to manufacturing is to produce high quality products while also maintaining stable supply in order to gain clients trust. At the same time, it is not easy to manage quality control and process improvements while also securing profitability and many companies are always facing challenges. There is also strong needs to reduce cost by optimizing the production by ways of utilizing various data collected from the manufacturing process.
This is where TDX and Toshiba group has strong expertise and we believe we can contribute to our clients by enabling digital transformation.
Enabling the World's First solution
One of the projects we are currently working on together with Toshiba Digital Solutions is a "welding failure detection solution" for an automotive parts manufacturing company headquartered in Spain.
Toshiba Group's steel welding technology and know-how is being customized for this specific project. We have applied AE (acoustic emission) sensors that detect cracks and cavities inside the constructions of buildings and bridges, combining this with camera imaging to automatically detect welding defects in the automotive parts manufacturing process. This combined solution is actually the world's first solution of its kind.
After a successful test at the client's factory in UK in 2018, further testing was conducted and a pilot project has started at the their factory in Germany from October 2019. Full commercialization is scheduled to begin after April 2020.
Focused in succeeding in the Pilot, then commercially expand the business
Our vision is to first successfully implement the solution at our client's pilot site, then to commercially roll out the service to the client's other 100 factories around the world.
This project proposal is based on a combined know-how of Toshiba's long experience and track record in the manufacturing business, digital technology such as AI and our digital transformation consulting capabilities and thus we feel we have a very unique advantage in our value proposition. We will be focusing to move into a full commercial rolling out of the service very soon and hope to implement the solution to many other manufacturing companies around the world.
We will also fully utilize the know-how gained in this pilot project to speed up the next deployment schedules to achieve faster commercialization.

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