We provide integrated consulting services from building to implementing digital transformation strategies for clients in the logistics industry, in order to support their challenges towards a major industry transformation.


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From strategy building to execution: Integrated support for the vastly changing logistics industry.

We provide experienced and talented consultants with rich knowledge and skill sets.
The logistics industry is undergoing a major change due to diversifying lifestyles and the growing e-commerce demands. More complex and frequent services are now required to better serve clients needs, while the industry is also facing lack of manpower and increase in costs.
Toshiba has group companies in the logistics field such as Toshiba Logistics, which provides logistics operation and there are also many other group companies providing devices and solutions for logistics applications. TDX has therefore combined logistics experties and skiled resources within the group to provide integrated consulting services from building to implementing digital transformation strategies and to support client's challenges in the logistics industry.
Integrated consulting services
Minimizing cost and reducing losses in the storage, cargo handling and shipping processes.
The logistics industry is divided into the three major categories; storage, cargo handling, and shipping. Our "digital consulting service" and "supply chain optimization service based on data analysis" takes all three of these categories into consideration to provide a holistic sollution.
Our digital consulting service digitalizes and automates logistic centers, providing proposals to improve work process in order to better optimize the human workforce. One aspect of the service is to conduct a detailed simulation of shipping to help reduce the number of vehicles in operation.
The supply chain optimization service which is based on data analysis also offers stock optimization service to retailers for demand.prediction. We are currently involved in reducing food loss at supermarkets for fresh food and produces which have short expiration dates, and difficult to predict clients demands.
the supply chain optimization by data analysis and demand prediction
Advanced business transformation by a unique business model
Our offerings go beyond the bounds of consulting business, offering a full range of services from building solutions to creating more efficient operations and implementing new services. This is our value and strength.
Our expert team consisting of business consultants, business producers, data scientists with data modeling capabilities and solution architects, covering a wide range of businesses in the logistics industry. Furthermore, we assign our team members with rich domain knowledge and experience to our projects in order to broaden our expertise in the forefront of logistics. We also wish to meet clients needs with the latest digital technologies and frameworks matched to the ever-changing logistics industry all with the goal of bringing about digital transformation.

Our Consultants

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    It is most imporant to closely work with the clients by sharing our consulting process and providing necessary information to solve the problems together. We try to focus in making a value proposition which would satisfy both the top mamagement as well as the actual team in the workplace where the biggest burden lies.

    Y. K. Director

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