Announcement of our temporary business closure and corporate actions against the COVID-19 crisis


We send our deepest prayers and condolences for the lost lives due to the COVID-19. We also stand alongside everyone around the world who continues to fight against this global crisis.
In order to minimize the further spread of the COVID-19 and set our highest priority to protect the lives of our clients, employees and its family, Toshiba Digital & Consulting (TDX) has decided to align our actions according to the entire Toshiba Group and enter into a temporary business closure period from April 20th thru May 6th. All official business activities will be suspended during this period.
We consider the COVID-19 as a historical crisis and a major threat to the prosperity of our society. Combined with other social global issues such as global warming, over-population, etc., this kind of difficulty may not be a one-time crisis. We will need to make drastic and fundamental change to our social norms, the way we live and act, change our values and work styles in order to overcome such new crisis.
TDX strives to innovate our society to a more resilient, safe, smart and efficient society by applying Digital Transformation. We are committed in making a value proposition by fully maximizing our past experiences as well as to apply our learnings from the changes we are now making internally to overcome the current crisis. The keywords are,
  • A new Globalization
  • To build a resilient society, city, industry and supporting infrastructure which is based on various crises and changes.
  • Creating an agile and flexible industry structure by applying digital technology
As TDX, we bring together all of our internal and external network and know-how to construct our thoughts on how we can make changes to our society together for a better future and we will be taking new actions. As soon as we are prepared, we will make another announcement accordingly.